Nethra Vidyalaya School for Blind


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“Their fingers have eyes. Their ears have vision. Their hearts have courage. Their lives are full of zeal!
They are deprived of sight. Yet their vision is realistic.”

NethraVidyalaya is a renowned day and residential school located in a scenic coastal district of Vishakapatnam in Southern India. On the shores of Bay of Bengal, the visually challenged children in the school campus enjoy studying, playing, dancing, singing and more. Qualified teachers who are passionate in working with these blind children effectively incorporate various teaching methods that include braille instruction, fostering independence, visual efficiency skills and soft skills to make them confident and talented.

Founded in 2001 by HH Sri ChinnaJeeyarSwamiji, NethraVidyalaya offers education for classes I to X. The schooling, boarding, lodging, uniforms, study materials are offered free of charge to all the students.

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