The ability to translate good knowledge into action

What is Prajna?

A joyous journey of Personality Development course that starts at a very tender age of 5 years. Prajna consists of life skill developing lessons, powerful hymns that energize us, thought provoking and inspirational stories of Rishis that are role models for holistic development. Prajna motivates oneself to lead a value based life by recognizing the need and respond to the call of duty as a responsible world class citizen.

Active Learning

 Respect to parents, elders and teachers


 Community Service – nurture sense of responsibility

Care for Mother Nature and reverence to the waters

 Yoga & Meditation for Good Health

 Public speaking, leadership & management skills

Our Approach

 Personal engagement with child focusing on pronunciation, collaboration & active participation

 Research Oriented learning of our customs /practices

 Audio/Video – helps Recitation & Concept demonstration

 Project work – hands-on activities to reinforce concepts

 Volunteering Service – enhances Gratitude & compassion

 Periodic Assessments & feedback

Engage with PRAJNA to enable Excellence in children as a habit